GDPR: The European regulation

GDPR is an important regulation adopted by the European Commission. The purpose of this regulation is to protect the personal data of Europeans, stored by organizations and companies.

Gapps Experts Inc. is compliant with the GDPR. We are therefore responsible for keeping you informed of the data we have collected from you and how you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, portability and deletion (or "right to be forgotten").

What information is kept by Gapps Experts Inc. ?

In order to ensure the best service to its customers, we keep the following data:

Data on the interlocutors of the company

Data exchanged during projects

Who has access to this data?

Gapps Experts Inc. undertakes to give access to its customer data only to employees who have a real usefulness:

Data on the interlocutors of the company:

Data exchanged during projects:

Sales team and support team.

For what purpose are data kept?

Where are these data kept?

Data on the interlocutors of the company​:

Data exchanged during projects​:

How to access and delete this data?

To access this data, it is sufficient for an administrator authorized by the client to access the shared Drive folder that has been shared. In the event of a change of contact or loss of the file sharing link, the administrator must make a request for sharing to the Data Processing Officer (DPO) of Gapps Experts Inc..

Until when will this data be kept?

Who to contact regarding the use of your data?

For inquiries about our internal processes for managing personal data, you may contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at