Gapps Experts Inc. Privacy agreement

Gapps Experts Inc., 19 West 34th Street, Suite 1018, New York, NY 10001, (EIN 39-207844) undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the data that its clients entrust to them as well as those to which it has access in the context of its missions of migration, advice or specific developments.

Confidentiality obligation

The Gapps Experts Inc. staff is subject, by an article specific to their employment contract, to the duty of confidentiality on the information relating to the customer. This privacy policy applies to all customer information that Gapps Experts Inc. has access to: e-mail information, authentication and login information, files, data, user communications, customer communications, contacts, and e-books. addresses, calendars, cookies, Google affiliate services on other sites, gadgets, location data, migration information, application information.

This duty of confidentiality applies without limitation of duration.


Internal confidentiality rules are defined, displayed, known and signed by all the staff and concern in particular:


Gapps Experts Inc. undertakes not to mention the purpose of the contacts it has with the client.

Gapps Experts Inc. mentions in writing its commercial references (companies with which it has contractual relations) except opposition of the customers concerned (general conditions of sale).

Confidentiality engagement

At the request of the customer's company, Gapps Experts Inc. can formalize its commitment in terms of confidentiality in a specific contract. This contract may be supplemented by a commitment from each Gapps Experts Inc. employee working on this project, to strictly respect the client's special confidentiality clauses.