MAPI for Gmail®


With Mapi for Gmail®, Gmail becomes your default mailing app: Whether you right-click a doc and select "Send > Mail recipient" or use "File > Send as attachment" feature of your preferred software, Gmail will automatically open in a new message having the document already attached to it!

The app is compatible with any software and you can use it from any device you install it. Send word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Acrobat PDF’s, Photoshop edits, Winzip files and more, with a click.

Buy MAPI for Gmail® for an accessible price and benefit from unlimited messages, support and multiple users management.

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Gmail as your mail client

  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Attachements up to 25 Mbytes
  • Automatic update
  • Knowledge base support
  • Works with G Suite addresses
  • Email/Chat support
  • Multiple users management
  • Ability to transfer licences


Martin Shawner
May 14, 2018

Works well with my Gmail account. Haven't found any negatives. Great at what it does.

Anabelle Schultz
June 20, 2018

A quick application that allows the default desktop email program to be Gmail. Directs the file to gmail's draft folder. Can be used with any device

Anthony Lekker
July 15, 2018

At my last job we used MAPI for Gmail. It really saved our bacon. Their support was very responsive. Definitely recommend it.